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Posted by Delia Antal on January 13, 2011 at 11:22 PM



                                           HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Delia Antal's PR team has the pleasure to invite you to be part of the first event in London of the most magnificent international tour that will take place in most important cities in the world in 2011, the book launch of DORA by Delia Antal.

This event is most special of all, being held on the 26th of January exactly on Delia's birthday.

You have attached your special invitation.

We are looking forward to celebrate in style with you.

Only RSVP.


Best wishes,

Daniela Vitelaru - PR Specialist

     New Year brings you a special invite to celebrate my BOOK LAUNCH, on the Red Carpet!


Wednesday 26th of January 2011, from 8.00 pm at JALOUSE Members Club, “Best Club Award 2010”, London.


You will meet the cast, crew and post-production artists of DORA, the feature film, along with a big bunch of celebrities. All my friends will get to meet, from the film industry to my business friends. It is a great opportunity to socialize and meet film makers, directors, producers, writers, actors, models, and agents. Can't wait to have so many creative people around.

We will have a book signing session, then the great singer Gabriella Santinelli will perform DORA's song "Dreams come true" (lyrics by yours truly). Gabriella will be accompanied on the piano by the film's composer, Gautier Galard. After that, will dance the night away!


It promises to be a great night, especially because it is also my birthday! Let's celebrate in style! I cannot wait to get hugs and kisses from everybody, and most of all to share with you these special things that are happening in my carrier.

This year is the most special of all, as we celebrate my BOOK LAUNCH for DORA, so you will be able to get a signed copy!

Another surprize is that, throughout the evening, we will run the trailer of the film on a big screen. Another more great news! DORA, the feature film, based on the book, is now finished! We are submitting the film first to THE 2011 CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.


We'll have a birthday toast, canapés and cake, hurrah! I am very much looking forward to celebrate with you!

Dress code: Most elegant Black and White outfit you have, think Red Carpet.



Only RSVP here or


Address: JALOUSE, 17 Hanover Square, W1S 1HU



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Posted by Delia Antal on May 17, 2010 at 6:42 PM

With many thanks to 28Films Ltd, Avanti Productions and the village of Ciutelec in Romania (Delia Antal's grandmother village, who she loved most, unfortunatly Ileana is not between us anymore) the filming in Romania 2nd unit is finished.

Casting for 1st unit London and 3rd unit France now.

Delia Antal in a new feature: " Nice Guy "

Posted by Delia Antal on December 4, 2009 at 9:40 PM

Delia Antal is playing Virginia in feature film " Nice Guy"  

Director: Pascal Bergamin,

Writer:    Cavan Clerkin

Produced by Redbikefilms 

(Shootings December 2009)

Delia Antal wrote a screenplay for a feature film " DORA ".

Posted by Delia Antal on November 13, 2009 at 8:10 PM


                                " DORA "                                                  

                                             By Delia Antal

" Dora " is an educative story about discrimination and immigration from all over the world to London.

Some make it some do not. How they come in, what they think the place is like, what they find when they arrived, how the place chances them, how they end up. Immigrants often leave home to escape something ‘poverty, abuse, dysfunction’.

They come to England with naive aspirations and dreams. The aspiration is abused & corrupted to trap them, enslave them.

Dora is a Romanian girl who has a traumatized past, and come to London hidden in a furniture load in the back of a van, almost died of suffocation. Her biggest dream is to meet Princess Diana of Wales. 

She is having a horrible time integrating in society, where she meets other immigrants and finds out their terrifying stories too, and their similar aspirations to hers. Also she gets raped, looses her virginity, takes drugs and embarks on a terryfing business ' trafficking people from Eastern Europe to London' by selling them passports that she still from the hotel where she gets a job. 

Dora distoys her brother by bringing him to London, when mobster Charlie gets back to them.

What she learns is that sometimes, when you go for your biggest dream, you have to lose what you love the most in the world, and success is not guaranteed.

© Delia Antal 09/09/2009

The screenplay can be ordered online as paperback or eBook:  

Also, Delia will play the main caracter Dora in the feature film with the same name, in production from September 2010.

If you wish to sponsor the amazing new feature film " DORA ", get in touch via the web site.

"The Bear" by A.P.Chekhov

Posted by Delia Antal on November 12, 2009 at 4:35 PM

Delia Antal will be playing Elena Ivanovna Popova in a new theatre production with "THE BEAR" by A.P.Chekhov, London 2010.  

Be an Angel & Sponsor the play today! CONTACT 

"THE BEAR" by A.P.Chekhov

Cast:       Elena Ivanovna Popova / DELIA ANTAL                Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov / MIHAI ARSENE

Director & Designer: Veronica Lazar

Produced by AVAnti Productions