Delia Antal


By Delia Antal

" I always knew that I want to share myself: my love, my excitement, my happiness, my sadness, my anger with the world. I am just a  human, and the most beautiful feeling I have is connecting  with other humans and share everything I have with them. "

" I am shameless to be myself, I always say and I always do what I feel, some people like it, some people hate it, should I care? no, this is just who I am. I have only one rule: DO GOOD THINGS, GOOD KARMA exists. "

" God never gave me harder pain then I could take.   I believe I deserved it. But I would like to know why, why, why? "

" The only thing in life I ask for is 'LOVE' !!! I breath for 'LOVE', I run after 'LOVE ', I digg for 'LOVE', I work for 'LOVE', I eat to survive to be able to search for 'LOVE', all I do in life is to be 'LOVED', where are you hidding? Why do you stay away from me,? Is it to much what I ask for? You tell me! "

" The worst things ever happend to me,  I felt the world ended. But the trueth is, it was not that worst that I could not handle. "

" Where I am is because of rejections I had, for me a rejection is equal to a success, without rejections I would not have ambitions. Some times I feel like I can not take it any more, but deep inside me it is an angel's voice that says: ' You are meant to be a winner, you never can stop what you began, the hurt to be a failiar will kill your soul, you can not afford that because your dreams are real, and you have the right to dream like every other single human being'. "

" Most happiest moments I have , are when I am on the stage and in front of the camera.  I give myself 100% to the public. I rise when I make people happy. "

" Open your heart, do not be affraid, be adventurous, be vulnerable, because you open doors to happiness. " 

" I love myself, and therefor I need you to love me to, and so I will love you! "  

" I was blessed to be a real human and a great actress. " 

" If you do not go through a fight you can not be a winner. I will fight any obstacle on my  way to successes. There is nothing to make me stop to get what I want. "  

" Deal with people at a human level, if you want to be treated the same. "

" All I wish for in life is to be unconditionally loved, and love unconditionally. I know when I will be sucessful I will find love too. That's why I am enjoying my journey. " 

" Everything in life comes with a price. You may not think so, but I promisse you, it is so. "